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Short Term Lets in Manchester

NYOS properties’ Short-term lets in Manchester are perfect for vacations with family and friends, solo leisure trips, or any business trip. Whether you are traveling for work, leisure, insurance claims, or a weekend, we offer fully-furnished living spaces specially designed and equipped with all that you need to continue your every day. our fully serviced short-term rentals are waiting for you. even when you’re away from home. Every NYOS property is unique in its layout and design.


Free WiFi

Stay in touch with loved ones and ensure you stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi our apartments.

Parking Spaces

Park your vechiles with out the fear of getting lost. we have secured parking spaces for your vechicle.

Seprated Beds

Nyos Property's apartments come with separate living and sleeping areas. Which are larger than hotels rooms beds.

Fully Furnished

We only offer fully furnished accommodation in key locations close to major business areas . 

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Why Choose Us?

Our serviced accommodations are full of top-notch amenities which you need every day. we have been providing individuals, families, company executives, and work groups from the UK and Overseas with comfortable fully equipped, and serviced temporary accommodation in Manchester. Our high-quality temporary accommodation is more satisfactory and much better value than a hotel and it is more spacious and far better equipped.

Contact Us


500 Terry Francine St.
San Francisco, CA 94158


020 8938 3536



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